Big Idea Monday

Why dread 1/7th of your life or spend most of your week waiting for your weekend? I am a big fan of Mondays. It is a clean slate, the start of something new or another chance to make it happen. On this blog, it is the day to bring your BIG IDEAS to the table or weigh in on mine. Help me stay accountable to my idea quota of one new idea a week to make the world better. Part of being more childlike is fresh thinking, creativity and inventiveness.

Pick Something
If Mama's Happy
Mindful Gaming
Time Bank
You Complete Me
Bark if You Like
Name Your Own Month
Sky's the Limit
See a Penny, Pick it Up
Inspire Someone
Angel Investors
For Linguaphiles
Take the Creativity Test
Free Choice Learning
On a Mission
A Novel Idea- Do What You Love
Free to Good Home
Recycled Energy
What If?
It Takes a Village
Why Not Monday?

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