Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Like Riding a Bike

I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like.

We thought our 4-year old daughter Hadley just needed more practice. Every time she got on her little princess bike, she wobbled off. So even though we bought her the bike two Christmases ago, she never rode it. This past weekend, we took it to a bike shop to have the seat adjusted to her new height. They informed us that not only was the seat too low, but the training wheels were on backward, making it impossible for even Lance Armstrong to peddle. There was no charge for such a simple adjustment.

In the store parking lot, Hadley peddled in circles of joy. When we got home, she wanted to go around the block to show off for the neighbors. Today, she biked to preschool with me following on foot. She stopped every few houses to pick flowers along the way.

Wait, wait.” She said as she got off her bike to investigate a butterfly or pick up an unripe mango prematurely knocked from the tree by greedy squirrels. It took us fifteen minutes to get to class. I am pretty sure she grew three inches along the way. She was so proud. “Let’s ride to school every day!” she said as she kissed me goodbye at the door.

My first thought was there are only two weeks left of school. Why didn’t we take the bike to get it checked last August? We missed an entire year of magical morning adventures together because of a simple assembly mistake. “Only two weeks”- I simmer with regret. “Two whole weeks!” Hadley is thrilled at the prospect. Maybe my outlook could benefit from a slight modification. I wonder if seeing the world again as a bottomless treasure chest of endless opportunities will be just like riding a bike.....

Is there something in your life that could benefit from a simple adjustment?

For today’s “Sky’s the limit” on what you can learn: The first bicycle. There are unverified claims that one of Leonardo Davinci's students designed the first model for a bike back in 1493. But the first official bike used for transportation would not be invented until the early 1800's in Germany. The French came up with the name bicycle in the 1860s. 

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