Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time Travel Tuesday-Listening To The Rain

Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.

On this rainy Tuesday, I slept in and made waffles. Now I am sipping a cup of lavender earl grey tea steeped in milk. If I do nothing else, this is enough. I have played plenty this week already. Today, my Time Travel play date is meant to transport me back to simpler times and simple pleasures. Somehow, it  also has me thinking about a person who has plenty but still doesn't know the sweet joy of enough. I have a gracious stepfather who is anything but simple. He is known for his champagne tastes and extravagant gifts. Being around him is wonderful and exhausting at the same time. He is constantly being entertained and entertaining. He is the person who always insists on picking up the check at only the finest restaurants. Of all his grand gestures and pricey presents, the two that remind me most of his generosity are my cherished one-cup teapot and my twenty-dollar waffle maker.

When I make loose leaf tea, it requires slowing down which in itself is an extravagance. Each cup reminds me of the day he bought the teapot for me. Of course, it was a fancy oak paneled marble floored English tea house that resembled a gentlemen’s library. We sampled several teas. I was having trouble deciding which ones to buy, so he surprised me by buying them all along with the pot.  Just like my twelfth birthday when I couldn’t decide which dessert, so my stepdad brought a team of singing waiters to the table carrying the entire menu with candles ablaze.

The waffle maker gives our family that same sense of luxury, like we are being pampered on vacation. The promise of waffles is the only sure way to get my kids out of bed without a struggle. Hours later, the cozy smell lingers through out our home as do other memories of the person who gave me the small treasure. Memories of the time I mentioned in passing that  I like rasberries. The next time I opened the fridge, there was a quart of fresh rasberries. There was the time we sat down at a restaurant and I wished I had something to hang my purse on. Before we had time to order drinks, my stepdad was already back from a nearby Brighton store where he picked up a bejeweled hook.

I am not the only one he showers with kindness. He is beyond thoughtful with everyone in the family, maybe with everyone he knows. But Whirlwind trips and wining and dining  are not what I am fondly remembering from my childhood as I pour syrup on my plate, warm my hands around my steaming cup and listen to the rain. 

What are your simple pleasures? Do you know what enough feels like?

For today's "Sky's the Limit" on what you can learn: More than you ever wanted to know about tea can be found on this gem of a site Fine Dining Lovers I never knew tea is great for fertilizing roses. 

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