Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time Travel Tuesday- Playing Dress Up

Visions of future empires are visions of the mind.
-Winston Churchill

For this week’s Time Travel Tuesday, I set the dials on the Delorean back to 1987. The year I graduated high school is the last time I did a visioning board. I don’t remember how I came up with the idea for a visioning (aka. dream board) when I was a teenager. But I posted all the different colleges and majors I was considering.  If I look back to that poster, I could have ended up at USC film school with a plan to make movies in Hollywood. Instead I ended up at University of Arizona in the journalism program with a lengthy reporting career to follow. Making a decision about “the rest of my life” was overwhelming at the age of 17. What I didn’t know, at the time, is one always has the option of making a new board or dreaming a different vision.

So on my latest board I have several mini boards. One is focused on spirituality. Two are devoted to health and wellness. Three show a perfect vision for my career. Four are all about who I want to be for myself and what I want to mirror for my family and community.

Here are the top five advantages to vision boards:
  1.      It is really fun to shop for magazines that you wouldn't normally buy for the sole purpose of seeing things that catch your eye.
  2.       It was even more fun cutting out random words and pictures that spoke to me. Not giving much thought of what I was looking for or what I would do with it after I cut it out.
  3.      As I pieced the scraps together, a story emerged about what is important to me. I learned something about my values and myself. I experienced clarity about my conscious goals and unconscious desires.
  4.      Being able to look up from my desk at my creation motivating and inspirational. It is a visual reminder of a really beautiful destination and beautiful journey.
  5.      I got the sense that I was playing paper dolls or dress up with my life. But also felt reassured knowing that I can always go shopping for a different outfit or accessory if the one I am wearing no longer fits.

I have set goals for myself before. I don’t mean to brag, but I am an accomplished list writer and driven taskmaster. Creating a vision board is nothing like that. On paper, my goals for health and wellness in the past looked like: lose weight, exercise one hour per day, no carbs. On my vision board, health and wellness looks like beautiful, comfortable, loving, fresh and organic.

It took me probably three hours from start to finish to create this board. I created a space in my office to display it so I would see it everyday. Look up dream or vision boards on Pinterest . They all look a bit different. Some people draw pictures and create maps. Others use personal photos. Some are focused on exotic dream vacations. Others are trying to envision a perfect home d├ęcor. The point is visualizing what your ideal looks like and giving yourself permission to dream big.

Where do you dream big? A post- it note? A to-do or resolution's list? A yoga mat? Have you tried a vision board?

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