Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Time Travel Tuesday- Measured in Moments

Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.
-Henry David Thoreau

For this week’s Time Travel Tuesday, I read a book about time next to a sun dial while watching the sunset. Let’s call that the activity for the week because it was done with symbolic intention that will make perfect sense if you read The Time Keeper. But the only criteria for a Time Travel Tuesday post is do something that makes me feel youthful, which I have come to define broadly as feeling ageless, in the present, joy-filled or connected. By those standards, there were several moments yesterday that I would like to take a picture of in my mind and replay in slow motion again and again.

There was the vulnerable moment my classmate announced she is not an artist at a new class on creativity and by the end of class realizing that she too has talent worth sharing. There was the small world connection made when a lawyer I met last night at a wine tasting figured out that she once tried to rent the office next door to my husband but my father-in-law turned her away because he thought I wanted the space. I rarely talk to my father-in-law and had no idea that I ever factored into his business decisions. At the end of the night, finding my neighbors singing Beatles songs around a piano. It was their heartfelt tribute to the British musician returning home to London today after visiting our little burg for the past five weeks.  There was the beautiful request my daughter made of me at the dog park. She wants me to leave her love notes in her lunchbox. I will never forget teaching her how to spell l-o-v-e as green parrots flew over us as we walked to our car. After all, she wants to be able to read what I write. She was debating on whether I should sign my notes to her as mommy or mama as we drove past the spot where the manatees huddle in the warm water this time of year. A mama and her calf popped up just when Hadley decided on “Mama”, a signature that best reflects me in her eyes.

Back to the book about time. Albom’s latest book The Time Keeper is profound beyond description. I took me less than a day, yesterday actually, to breathe it all in. It is a story about our obsession with time. Measuring it. Wanting more of it. Racing against it. Defining it. Trying to control it. Taking it for granted. Wasting it. Worrying about it. Throwing it away. Wishing we could change it. All too rarely, cherishing it. The book is about people who must learn to count the moments not the minutes. 

What will be the moments that count for you today?

For today’s “Sky’s the Limit” on what you can learn: Father Time. He is the central figure in The Time Keeper. Father Time has appeared as a robed and bearded man carrying an hourglass in several cultures for several centuries.  The image and story of father time may be traced back to Greek mythology and the belief in Chronos, the God of Time.

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