Monday, January 7, 2013

The Woman Who Loves Herself Most

Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

Most of the new thought/personal development books I enjoy the most are published by Hay House. As a writer, it is the publishing house that I would like to call home someday. So I thought I should know more about Louise Hay, the woman who started it all. When I say started it all- I don’t just mean the publishing house that she founded. I mean the 26 books she has authored, the movie she inspired, the thousands of people she has counseled through workshops and the dozens of writers she has empowered to share their journeys. At 87, she is still teaching. The self care retreat Hay is co-hosting in Tucson next month with author Cheryl Richardson looks tempting. 

I chose to start my study of this matriarch of the self-help movement by reading her book that launched her career. She self-published You can Heal Your Life in 1984 at the same time she founded Hay House Publishing. At the time, she believed no one else would publish her ground breaking book on the mind- body connection. So at almost age 60, she started her own publishing company. The book went to the top of the New York Times best seller list and sold more than 35 million copies. Hay speaks from a position of authority on the devastating effects of guilt and anger. She was raped and abused as a child. Her husband left her for another woman in her early forties.That pain resurfaced later in life manifesting as cancer. Hay claims to have completely cured herself without the use of any medications through purifying her thoughts and her diet. She says she mastered the lessons she needed to learn and within six months of the diagnose, she was cancer-free. 

The knowledge she shares in her first book also comes from decades of counseling people through the Church of Religious Science. Meditation. Letting go of being a victim. Assuming sole responsibility for your life and your choices. Understanding that all outer experiences are a mirror reflection of your internal thoughts. Louise Hay believes all desired change must start with loving and accepting yourself. She also believes that all illness is a result of anger and guilt. The book has a directory in the back showing which specific negative thought patterns connect directly to physical illnesses. 

29 years after this book was published it is still timely. I purchased the companion workbook. It is not a book that you can just read and than be done with it. There are some really helpful exercises and suggested affirmations that require practice. I also liked how Louise described a typical day. What she eats. How she blesses everything. How often she expressed gratitude. The little things she does to care for herself. She pampers herself like a beloved child. May explain why she looks so good. 

Do you practice self care?

For today's "Sky's the Limit" on what you can learn: almonds  and peaches are members of the rose family. Who knew?


  1. This is a great message. You will be published one day, I'm surprised it's not already in the have meaningful messages to share.

    1. Hi Sue. Thank you for the words of encouragement. Thank you for reading. I am astounded with your amazing career and your three beautiful children and all you do to create that life, that you have time to read my blog and comment! Always so inspiring. Miss you my friend.

  2. Absolutely yummy. Thank you for the reminder!!

    1. Thanks for reading Louanne. Enjoy your beautiful day.


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