Monday, January 28, 2013

Jessica in the Mirror

I can do anything good, better than anyone. 

As I tried to explain this blog experiment, someone told me about this video Jessica's Daily Affirmation. It is a home video of a little girl who loves life in a way that we all wish we still did. After watching it, I thought yes this man gets what I am trying to do with my writing. But what he really gets is the little girl. Who wouldn’t want to be like her? His question for me was how do you become like Jessica? One of my approaches is taking a mental note of all the good in my life and writing about it. Here are a few snapshots from the past week.

Driving home Saturday night and looking up just as paper lanterns filled the sky above the Vinoy marina. A minute before and the lights would have blended with the twinkling sailboats in the harbor and the Pier in the distance. A minute later, we might have mistaken them for stars. My husband, daughter and I witnessed a scene from the Tangled fairytale solidifying my belief that we live in a magical place. 

My 13-year old son dressed like Napoleon Bonaparte to give a biographical speech in first person. The costume was brilliant, but not nearly has brilliant as the boy who remembered dates and battle strategies. He learned something and did his best.

The smile on the same skeptical son’s face when he discovered the tooth fairy visited his room with a Kit Kat bar and a $20 spot. Call it dental inflation. But he only has three original pearly whites left. I want  (err, I mean the tooth fairy) wants each one to count.

Yesterday on the way to the grocery store, a crowd gathered by our neighborhood boat launch. A herd of manatees was showing off the newest member of the family, a calf who loved kissing his mama.

Today on my way to the office, I spotted the first spectactular blossom of the Kapok. In a few weeks, the tree will be a burst of brilliant red attracting hundreds of birds. 

It sounds simple, but have you tried looking around and taking note of the "anything good" in your world?

For today's Sky's the Limit on what you can learn: Jessica was 4 years old when she was telling the mirror everything that she likes about her life. She is 15 now. When her father uploaded a bunch of family videos to share with relatives a few years ago, she became an almost overnight viral sensation at the age 12. She seemed to handle 12 million page views and a loyal You Tube following in stride. Her television appearances and celebrity status didn't interfere with her good grades and sports. Would love to see an update now.

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