Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Idea Monday- Name Your Own Month

I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.
-Brene Brown

It seems Americans have an affinity for Awareness Months. January alone is officially: Cervical Cancer, National Glaucoma, Thyroid, Financial Wellness, National Mentoring, National Poverty, National Personal Self Defense and Stalking Month. By proclamation in Tennessee, January is Be Kind To Food Servers Month. Californians have Dried Plum Digestive Health Awareness  in January. Other states have declared January to be: Hot Tea Month, National Soup Month and Oatmeal Month.

I didn’t see Self Love Month among the others listed on-line. But that is what author and therapist Daylle Deanna Schwartz has declared January. Schwartz is not the first in the self-help industry to talk about self love. If you google self love, there are dozens of blogs and websites dedicated to the subject. I am currently reading the book that started it all, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  Actually French philosopher Voltaire (1778) started it all. Like Voltaire and Hay, Schwartz believes you can’t really give love to others until you can truly love yourself. Schwartz is such a believer  that she has trademarked a Self Love Movement and registered Self Love Month with the National Special Events Registry and Chase’s Directory. Her website How Do I Love Me offers a free ebook with lots of suggestions on ways to start the process. She challenges readers to do something just for you every day this month. If you enjoy it, and you will, you can extend the month out all year round.

I am finding this more difficult than any resolution I have ever tackled in January. Whether or not you buy into looking in the mirror and talking to yourself with kindness and acceptance, self love still seems at least as important as Vulva Awareness Month (March) or Dance Appreciation Month (July) or National Five Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Month (September).

For this Big Idea Monday, I am declaring October National Be More Childlike Month. Why October? It is a natural fit with Halloween trick or treating and I like the competition. October is also: Black History Month, National Book Month, National Work and family Month, National Breast Cancer  Awareness Month, National Brain Tumor Awareness Month, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Filipino American History Month, National Bullying Prevention Month, American Pharmacists Month, Polish American Heritage Month, National Arts and Humanities Month, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, National Child Health Day, National Spina Bifada Awareness Month, Healthy Lung Month & Clean Air Month, National Family Sexuality Education Month, National Dental Hygeine Month, Let’s Talk Month, National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Autism Awareness Month, Pastor Appreciation Month, Arab American Heritage Month, Rett Syndrome Awareness Month and , LGBT History Month, not to be confused with LGBT Pride Month (June).

If you could name your own awareness month, what would it be?

For today's "Sky's The Limit" on what you can learn:  Knute Rockne Speech. In light of Monday's highly anticipated National Championship match up between Notre Dame and Alabama, here is a little bit about the man who made the speech that sets the bar for motivational speeches. 

Knute Rockne, an alumni and coach of the University of Notre Dame, built the Fighting Irish into a major factor in college football. In his biography at the College Football Hall of Fame, Rockne is said to be "without question, American football's most renowned coach."

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