Tuesday, January 1, 2013

As Tenacious As A Pre-schooler

When I conceived of the idea for this one- year experiment to Be More Childlike seven months ago, I designated January to study and cultivate the quality of childlike persistence. I figured this would be my hump to get past boredom or discouragement. When you think of persistence, you may think of the dogged inventor searching for a cure, the endurance of a runner, the grit of a start-up entrepreneur, the constancy of a prayerful guru or the indefatigability of a campaign manager. You may not connect childlike to persistent synonyms like perseverance, pluck, stamina and tenacious. But hang out with my four-year old for a few hours and you will get it.

Hadley’s quest for a popsicle began at breakfast this morning. She tried the slip in request while I was distracted. The plea. The rapid-fire ask over and over again. She tried bargaining. I ate my breakfast, now can I have it? She tried pouting and whining. She is not too proud to beg. After a three hour break at a New Year’s Day party, I had long forgotten about her popsicle obsession. Not my daughter. As soon as we got home, the process began all over again starting with a syrupy sweet please mama while batting her eyes.

Like almost half of all Americans, I normally make a resolution list on New Year’s Day. But according to latest resolution statistics, half of all people  who make a resolution list  will give up with limited success well before the six month mark. So today, I am not making any new resolutions except to be more resolved in all my previously stated desires. When I started the blog, I created a list of personal “absolute no’s”. Activities and behaviors that do not serve me well. Giving unsolicited advice. Getting involved in other people’s dramas. Wasting time worrying about things instead of taking action. Stuff like that. I also created an identity list that included core values, priorities, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc. Just thinking about those concepts was really valuable. There are tons of apps to help track goals that may come out of that soul searching identity process.. I already have several apps downloaded on my iPhone. Just like I already have a huge box filled with jars of vitamins. The key is using them. Regular review of what is important to you. Not forgetting. Trying a different tack or simply wanting it like a preschooler.

Instead of coming up with something new, is there something worth trying again?

For this "Sky's the Limit" on what you can learn- The grand daddy of them all. Ever heard the expression? I have, but I didn't know where it came from. Thanks to my amazing, fabulous shining star husband Kenny, I now know that the expression refers to the Rose Bowl. The Grand Daddy of all bowl games- the oldest and most prestigious.

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