Monday, December 3, 2012

Faith is

Angel Joseph: You know sir he has the IQ of a rabbit.
Senior Angel. Yes, but he has the faith of a child. Simple. Joseph, Send for Clarence.
Clarence: You sent for me, sir?
Senior Angel: Yes, a man down on Earth needs our help.
Clarence: Is he sick?
Senior Angel: Worse. He is discouraged.
-It's a Wonderful Life

December’s focus is childlike faith. The first day of the month started with a visit to Santa and coming home to see “It’s a Wonderful Life” on TV. While the more common definition of faith is belief, trust and loyalty to God. There are so many facets to this beautiful word. Seeing my daughter on Santa’s lap reminds me of a time when I unquestioningly believed in magic. A time when I was encouraged to trust that wishes come true. Not just come true, they will be hand delivered with love and care and a big red bow.

In my favorite movie, George Bailey had been a loyal husband, son, father and friend, but he had lost faith in himself. He wished he had never been born. As everyone who has seen the movie knows, a second class angel named Clarence grants his wish. Only by viewing what the world was like without him, could George see what an essential role he played. Unfortunately, wishes like that only come true in movies. To me, faith is defined by believing in everything important that we can’t see. That includes God, magic, the power of your dreams, a promise or simply your extraordinary contribution to what is good and right in the world.

Finish the sentence: Faith is......

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