Monday, December 10, 2012

Believe and You Will See

Belief is a wise wager. Granted that faith cannot be proved, what harm will come to you if you gamble on it's truth and it proves false? If you gain, you gain all. If you lose, you lose nothing. Wager than without hesitation that He exists.
-Blaise Pascal.

Scientists call is "embodied cognition". In a study published in psychological science, researchers tried to answer the question, "do we see reality as it is or is what we see based on pre-conceptions?"  The study proved the latter. I am coming to a similar conclusion about my faith. The more I entertain the notion that angels exist- the more proof I am finding. Week one of childlike faith has been nothing short of magical.

1. a feather appeared next to a toothpaste stain that looks suspiciously like a winged angel on my mirror.
2. Dandelion blooms have been snowing down on me from the strangest places. When I looked up the meaning, it means angels or messengers are carrying your dreams to where they need to go to manifest.
3. I wrote a blog post called "see a penny, pick it up" about seizing opportunities and going into partnership with my son. Later that same day, my son found a crumpled $100 lying on the ground next to our garbage can. No one was missing a $100 and the hall closet where we keep the trash had been cleared out the day before but no one noticed it.
4. I wrote a blogpost about the spiritual significance of flowers and their meanings. My mom told me her new favorite flower is the peonie. The same day, I  walked into an antique store selling peonies. There were no other fresh cut flowers for sale. Turns out peonies have the energetic property to help send love to family from afar. An ability my mother needs right now.
5. I was researching books about childlike faith. Came across a book by Sophie Burnham called Angel Letters published in 1991. Found a copy of the same book on my shelf that I had not opened in 20 years. A pressed rose (sign of an angel) and a beautiful heartfelt prayer from my mother was written inside. A message perhaps that I was not ready to receive when she wrote it twenty years ago.
6. I went out for a rare date night with my husband, who has been out of town for a week. We have been like two ships for much longer than that. My glass made this happy face water stain on my napkin.
7. As I write this, I just noticed red colored shadows dancing past my feet. As best as I can tell, it may be caused by the morning light and how the wind is hitting the christmas ornament just right outside our front door. But I have never noticed it before now.

 A friend asked me yesterday what I think it all means. I said that they are happy reminders that we are not alone. God, angels, higher power, divine intelligence or whatever you call it wants us to be happy, to ask for help, to believe, to trust. I don't care which came first, believing or seeing. To me, it is all real and wonderful.

Are you a "seeing is believing" kind of person or the other way around?

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