Thursday, November 15, 2012

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There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.
-Dalai Lama

-Psst. Did you forget something? Not a birthday. Not an anniversary. Bigger. Let me be your calendar reminder. Its World Kindness Week. If you didn’t know, don’t feel bad. I didn’t either until my Canadian friend mentioned it like it was a national holiday. I love those Canadians.  Apparently Monday, November 13th has been celebrated as World Kindness Day since 1997 when the World Kindness Movement formed in Japan. Now, 20 countries participate. One day just wasn’t enough, so they made it a whole entire week. Yea!

Send flowers. Write a card. Use your imagination. There are a million and one ways to be kind. If your having kindness block, here is a helpful list of ideas brought to you by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Here is my list so far this week (and that was before I knew about the holiday)  Received more than I gave and when I gave, I still received more.

Kindness Received
-A hotel worker stayed with me on the phone and talked me through a scary neighborhood
-A different hotel worker found a beautiful shell on the beach and brought it specifically for my daughter the next day.
-Another hotel worker showed interest in my daughter’s artwork like it was a masterpiece.
-My husband sent me flowers, just because.
-An old friend is investing in our friendship again.
-A classmate took the time to go to lunch with me to listen and learn. Now I have a new friend.
-A police officer helped me back up safely.
-The triple A guy came quickly to change a flat.
-A teacher shared her joy and wisdom with me.
-Two college students walked me to class and expressed interest in my blog.
-Multiple doors were held open.
-My neighbors published a flattering article about my blog to be supportive.
-A homeless man directed me which stop to get off the metro mover.

Kindness Given
-I gave a homeless man a dollar but than asked him for directions and talked to him on the metro mover. I don’t think the dollar was nearly as helpful as making him feel valued.
-I pulled my car over to help a man in a wheelchair. Turns out he didn’t want to be pushed anywhere, he just wanted someone to listen to his story. I gave him $10 too.
-I gave flowers and handwritten thank you cards to two neighbors.
-I helped my son mail thank you cards.
-I invested in an old friend.
-I invested in a new friend.
-I held doors open for others.

Have you thought about how many people treated you with kindness in the past 24 hours? Make a list. It will make you feel really lucky!

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