Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cruising with Osho

Make every moment a celebration. Celebration is gratitude for whatsoever life gives to you.

As holidays loom, I can hardly concentrate on anything much less this month’s focus on imagination. I prefer to revisit October and the study of intuition for a moment. I want to tell you about a book written by Osho called Intuition, Knowing Beyond Logic. Osho was a mystic who travelled through out India in the 1960’s and 70’s denouncing organized religion. The philosopher attracted a colorful following to his ashram that was affiliated with the Human Potential Movement. In the eighties, Osho became famous as a “sex guru” when he started a, shall we say, “loving” commune in Oregon. He and his hippie converts drove around in  a fleet of Rolls Royces. Osho was eccentric, but his writings still reflect some profound wisdom.

If your ready for a flashback to a different time, read this book and imagine yourself cruising in a Rolls with Osho's beard flying in the wind. Not surprisingly, he talks a lot about being childlike. In fact, he goes back to that theme again and again.

“The child has the quality of non- knowledge, innocence. He looks with wonder, his eyes are absolutely clear. He looks deep, but he has no prejudices, no judgements, no prior ideas.” Osho preached.

Children know truth. We know reality, which is our idea of the truth. An idea that has passed through layer upon layer of filters, according to Osho. Unlike the other intuition books I read in October, The bearded philosopher didn’t give any specific “how to” steps to get to the heart of your intuition. To him, the key was awareness of your prejudices or filters, and that awareness can only come through meditation.

There were a couple of illuminating examples that stuck out. First he talked about our physical senses being dulled. He questioned why humans have an inferior sense of smell compared to animals. Why is it our sense of smell becomes so much more keen when we are pregnant? Osho listed six filters that hide the jewel of your inner knowing. Dulled physical senses. Rationalization. Conditioning. Sentimentality. Repression and a corrupted intuition. He also dispelled notions of success. Using the analogy that Jesus was crucified and Buddha was a lowly beggar, Osho challenged conventional definitions of success. The mystic believed one’s greatest achievement is to know yourself. A success that can’t be measured by anyone else’s standards.

Kind of deep for a mid-week post....but interesting stuff. 

Do you know yourself?

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