Monday, November 5, 2012

Big Idea Monday- For Linguaphiles

The True alchemists do not change lead into gold, they change the world into words.
-William H. Gass

Did you know that November is national novel writing month? Aspiring authors can visit a website called to help them knock out a 50,000 word book in one month. That is about 1,700 words a day for the next 30 days. The word count this year is up to 619,600,034, as I write. This concept allows writers to connect locally for moral support, feedback and editing or find other writers within their genre anywhere in the world.  You can track your word count, bounce ideas around, get pep talks to battle writer’s block and even find sponsors to go to print. This lovely idea helps support 300,000 writers of all ages and it is all run by donations. Eight literary lovers formed a non-profit called The Office of Letters and Light. Brilliant! Since November is imagination month on this blog, I am taking the 30-day challenge for my first attempt at fiction. Wish me luck. I can use a few people passing out goo and water on the sidelines for this particular race. 

But first, the short sprint to come up with a new idea for this Big Idea Monday. My first idea was to learn a new word a day and share it on a blog. But a quick google search found that someone already came up with that one.Wordsmith Anu Garg learned English as a second language by learning one new word a day. If your a linguaphile (a lover of language and words), you can join the half million other people who subscribe to his simple, but inspiring idea. Get a new word and definition every day via email or give a word a day to someone you love.  Ok, scratching my head now. Can’t exactly say he took my idea since apparently he started this word movement in 1994.

Ok. Ok. Got it. My contribution to the literary idea whirlpool is to make up your own new word and share it with 10 people you know. Who, knows maybe it will catch on? Maybe it will even be featured as the word of the day in Urban Dictionary or describe a new thing that everyone needs like a sneed.

My made up word of the day is:
honeydon't  (verb)
a passive aggressive technique to use on your significant other when you want to guilt or threaten them into doing something they don't want to do.

Wordsmith’s word of the day is:
Emulous (adjective)
Eager to imitate, equal or to surpass another.

Urban Dictionary’s word of the day is:
Eh hole (noun)
A canadian asshole.

What is your word of the day?

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