Monday, November 19, 2012

Big Idea Monday- Angel Investors

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.
-Edgar Allen Poe

My 13-year old son is always coming up with brilliant ideas.  If I had written any of them down and actually helped him do something about it, we would be ga-jill-ion-airs by now. We live in the land of Billy Mays, the late-gadget guru  pitchman and Home Shopping Network (HSN). We also live a short drive from Thomas Edison’s winter home and lab where he and Henry Ford spent years trying to develop an alternative to manufacturing rubber tires. So now there is a new resource in our backyard. Actually, it is technically in everyone’s backyard, because it is a website called Edison Nation. What started as a PBS series called Everyday Edisons has evolved into a partnership with retail giant HSN to find  and launch the next big thing. Not only can you submit your ideas and get help going to market. But there are companies constantly advertising what inventions they need. There are "how to get started" videos and some really inspiring success stories. Think about all that stuff that says “As Seen On TV”  or at the check out counter at Bed Bath and Beyond. Than think about your next door neighbor becoming a millionaire selling their spill proof bowl, or baggie dispenser or “eggie” or a cat nail filer.  

I will not share my son’s latest idea with you for this Big Idea Monday, but I will share mine. I just secured several domain names with the word angel in them. Lots of kids write letters to Santa. Some write letters to God. They even put a stamp on it. When I was young I used to mail letters to angels. Quirky, I know. But it always made me feel better to write down my prayers.Putting it out there made it that much more powerful. Instead of those letters going to a Dead Mail center to be shredded. This would be a place to anonymously (or not anonymously) to post your wishes, your dreams or even your confessions. There could even be a menu option of registering your name in case your prayer attracted an “angel investor”.

I leave you today with this story link about a boy who wrote a letter to God asking that he take good care of his dog that had just died. That letter was found by a real angel. Warning, don’t read it if your wearing mascara!

Do you have a big idea? What are you doing about it?

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