Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mother's Intuition

I find it ironic that as I blogged about intuition today, I completely lost touch with mine.. While typing away in a chair next to the bathroom, my daughter  took a a bubble bath in our jacuzzi. My spidey senses usually only go off when it is too quiet. I listened to her giggling and having an animated conversation with her bath toys as as I happily wrote away. It wasn't until a river of bubbles came flowing down the hall and over my feet that I came to my senses.

God, The Universe  or whatever you want to call it has a great sense of humor. At the time, I was writing about Einstein holding a rock so when he fell asleep he would wake up and remember his dreams. Salvador Dali, used the same technique with a key in hand and a spittoon stationed below to tap into his unconscious inspiration. For me, it is apparently letting a four- year old out of my sight with a new bottle of bubble bath that brings me to alert consciousness.

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