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Guest Contributor- Your Child's Imaginary Friends

The hearts of little children are pure, and therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss.
-Black Elk 

Susanne Alexander Heaton is my Internet version of Tinker Bell. I tweeted a few months ago how sad it is my 12-year old stopped believing in magic. Next thing I know, from the anonymous space of social media, the award-winning author was sending me helpful links and inspirational quotes. Alexander-Heaton wrote her book to deal with the death of a child. She has survived loss, cancer and burn out. Yet, her light still shines bright. Every day, Susanne finds a way to help others realize their dreams, tap into their creative potential and live a more abundant life. 

Her book, the ABC Field Guide to Faeries is a new favorite in our home. Although we have never met, she has touched my life and seemed like the perfect guest contributor on the topic of intuition.  To learn more about Susanne Alexander-Heaton, please visit her website at and

Your Child's Imaginary Friends and Nurturing Intuition
By Susanne Alexander-Heaton

Children have the ability to see what some of us are no longer able to because they have not yet been “domesticated” by what adults deem to be reality.

Has your child talked to you about imaginary friends?  Did you have imaginary friends when you were young?  Are you comfortable speaking with your child about this topic?

When children are able to see things, they believe that everyone else can see them too.  Let them know that what they are seeing is a special gift and be willing to talk with them about it.  Listening is the first step to nurturing this wonderful ability.  Encouraging your child to stay connected with what they “see” actually can help them to trust their intuition about people, situations and to know right from wrong.  A phrase definitely not to use is, “You are too young to know anything.”

For skeptics out there, it has been scientifically proven that when we are born, our brain waves are predominately in the Delta state from birth to four years of age.  This state is associated with deep sleep, rejuvenation and the unconscious mind.  When you see a young child pointing to something that you don’t see, you can be assured that they are either connecting with loved ones who have crossed over or their guardian angels.  

From ages 4-7, children move to higher levels of brain waves in the subconscious called Theta. This state allows children to have an open mind.  The caution here to all caregivers is that this state has no filters, so children easily take in positive as well as negative feedback.  Therefore, this is a critical stage to help encourage your child’s intuition.  A great tool to help with this process is meditation.  If meditation is modelled in the early years, it will help enhance all other areas of your child’s life.  

Intuition ties us to our soul.  The soul has great wisdom, so tapping into intuition also taps into our soul and all the answers that we already have inside of us.  The more one trusts their intuition, the more they can tap into their own inner wisdom.  Wouldn’t you prefer to help to encourage your child to go within to seek answers to questions that they have, instead of looking outside of themselves to others for approval?  By encouraging your child to trust their intuition, you will be doing this.  In turn, your child will also be helping you to trust your own inner wisdom.  Children have so much to teach us, if we are willing to listen and learn.

I would love to hear back about any experiences that you have had on this subject.  I look forward to your responses.

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  1. Thank you Tracey for asking me to do this guest post for you. It was a huge honour. Keep shining your light. In gratitude, Susanne


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