Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Time Travel Tuesday- Singing Along

If trouble hearing Angel's song with thine ears, try listening with your heart.
-Terri Guillemets

Families don’t die. Families live forever. They always stay together. Families don’t die. Families stay together forever. Families don’t die.

That was the chorus to my daughter’s made up song yesterday in the car. The song came spilling out of her sweet little mouth about an hour after she melted my heart while I was washing her hands. She said,  “I’m glad your my mama. I’m glad I picked the right one.” I didn’t ask her what she meant by “she picked” or why she was bringing it up while I was rinsing her hands in a public bathroom. I just basked in the moment. But this song, this song begged questions. What does it mean?  What made her think of it? I pulled the car over and whipped out my phone to text myself so I could quote her exactly.

Here is what she said:

“Families don’t die. They always stay together in this world. We live on Earth and that means we don’t die. We families don’t die because they are in a world called Earth. Families live on Earth. We have guardians. They are different colors. Pink, yellow, purple. That’s what God told me.”

This comes from the same child who looked at my pile of childhood pictures from an attic storage box and told me with great sincerity that she was my dog when I was a little girl. She said she played with me. When I asked her what her name was when she was my dog, she told me “Woofer”. Which was my dog’s name. I must have told her that at some point, but I was pretty shocked that she remembered. She was three. At the time, I reasoned that her little brain couldn’t comprehend not being part of our family or a world without her in it. I reasoned that she couldn’t conceive of life before she was born, so she made up a scenario where she fit into the past, into her mommy’s past.

But I don’t have an explanation of what she is trying to tell me with her song. Can a four year old believe in reincarnation? Was there some storyline on one of her TV shows that I missed? Is this how she is interpreting a recent Bible lesson from Sunday School?

I started the car again and asked her to keep singing as we drove to pick her brother up from school. Her next song was mostly incomprehensible humming, but the chorus she repeated was “Listen to the beat of your song. Listen with your heart.” 

Her 12-year old brother jumped in the car and the mood quickly changed. I asked her to sing her song for her brother and she crooned, “Families don’t die. Families stay together. I have new purple shoes. And a purple dress. Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? That’s from Pocahontas, my favorite movie.” The moment was gone.

I remember a few unexplainable moments like this when my son was about this age. Times when it seemed he knew things or could sense things beyond explanation. I remember my mom telling me stories about me as a little girl describing colors around people and acting as if I was watching something that no one else could see. 

On this Time Travel Tuesday, I am going to listen with my heart and sing along. Off key and full of stage fright, I will try and sing my own song. That means not trying to explain away my moment with my daughter. That means not reasoning or defining. Just enjoying and recognizing an angel in my midst.

My chorus is “Cherish the little glimpses. Hear the whispers. They are truth. They are truth.

Do you believe children can see/hear things that we can’t?


  1. Tracey, I absolutely LOVE this post. ;) Younger children are able to see and hear things that many adults have lost the ability to see and hear because we have become "domesticated" by societal norms. Encourage your daugther for she is truly seeing and hearing with her heart. This subject needs to be talked about so much more. In deepest gratitude to you for sharing this.

  2. Hi Susanne. thanks for commenting. I am going to do my best not to domesticate my kids. Just enjoy and remember what it was like when I had their insight. Have a wonderful weekend.


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