Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time Travel Tuesday- Summer Days

Childhood is the most beautiful of all of life's seasons.

Today was my son’s first day of 7th grade. I wish I had a pause button for summer. Already, the liquor store is advertising for pumpkin beer, Pinterest is full of Fall recipes and we got our first Halloween catalog in the mail yesterday. It is mid-August people. Really?

When we went back to school shopping, I found 24-packs of crayons on sale for 20 cents a box at Target. It was such a great deal, I cleared the shelves. 35 boxes or 840 crayons all for seven bucks. Today, I lost myself for an hour coloring an Audobon Society series of bird prints. I would like to tell you that the experience transported me back to rainy days where there was nothing else to do but lay on the floor on my stomach and fill an empty book with my day dreams. I would like to say the smell reminded me of my own back to school days when the toughest decision was picking between caribbean green or cerulean, atomic orange or burnt sienna. But coloring did not make me remember anymore than it made me think about my diet, deadlines, the growing laundry pile or the never ending to do list. For one whole hour, my only focus was staying in the lines and shading with strokes in the same direction. For someone who struggles to clear my mind for five minutes a morning, my bargain crayons turned out to be an unexpected and useful meditation tool. They may not be able to slow down the mad rush into the holidays or shorter days squeezed full of homework, football games and dinner on the fly. But they helped me slow down in my own season.

They are also serving a duel purpose as my new business cards. The labels are just big enough for my name and web address. I have already passed a dozen out. The reaction was priceless.  Crayons, who knew?

What does the smell of crayons remind you of?

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  1. First off your cockatoos are beautiful!!!
    My sister and I loved coloring books and a fresh box of "crowns" as I use to call them until I was 14yrs old and my now husband corrected me.


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