Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Time Travel Tuesday- Follow the Leader

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.
-John C. Maxwell

Am I the only one shocked when your child’s preferences are vastly different than your own? I remember the first time my son ordered tuna fish salad. Ewww. Mayonaise, really? Tuna fish? Two of the grossest things on Earth to me are two of his favorites. Maybe this is how my parents felt when I started expressing political opinions in college. Now that my son is 12, he is developing more and more interests and tastes that have nothing to do with me. He is constantly finding new shows, new apps and new places when he is with his Dad or his friends. So for this week’s Time Travel Tuesday, I decided to play follow the leader.
My son, who programmed his iPhone Surrey and his little sister to call him “Your Majesty”, was the leader. We followed him to a place called Animal House, which is an old fashioned family owned pet store. Maybe you remember the kind? Unlike the big box stores, you are free to pick up the animals and play with them in this place. From skunks to scorpions to a ferociously loud Macaw, there was a special pet for every kind of pet owner. I personally loved the baby chickens. Your Majesty liked the giant python, partly because snakes are forbidden in our house and partly because he scared the *&X!!O  out of his unsuspecting sister by leading her right next to it.
Your Majesty, who also likes to be called Your Highness, also took us to a Vietnamese restaurant and grocery store. You know it’s probably pretty good or at least authentic when the waitress communicates with hand gestures, you can't read the menu and the majority of the customers are speaking Vietnamese. Your Majesty ordered Pho Thi, a steaming hot beef broth with noodles, fresh basil and raw beef that cooks in the broth while cooling at your table. At the grocery store, we picked up some dragon fruit but passed on the fish sauce with fish heads staring at you from inside the bottle.
All in all a great adventure. Follow the leader is more fun than I remember. Still, I prefer wearing the crown and being the titleholder on most days.

Are you a leader or follower in your family?

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