Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eyes of a Child

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.
-Albert Einstein

It is raining cats, dogs and frogs again, a perfect day for the movies. We saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  The story is about a couple that can’t get pregnant, so they bury their dreams of a perfect child in their garden. Magically, the next day a 10-year old boy appears. 

For my daughter, wearing her rain boots and carrying her princess umbrella was the entertainment for the afternoon. She didn’t get the movie. My son thought it was sappy, probably because I cried. But I cry in all movies, so that should not be taken as two thumbs up. The film seemed like it would make a much better book. But what the story did well was remind adults to Be More Childlike. Timothy Green doesn’t know to be intimidated by others that have more than he does. He doesn’t know to take things personally. He doesn’t know hopeless because there is always a new way of looking at things, a simple solution. His parents didn’t know they could live so fully,  laugh so freely and love so fearlessly until he came into their lives.

I know the feeling......

Since the movie was also a reminder to believe in magic. I am sharing this poem that was shared with me today. It came from a eccentric neighbor who picked it from a fellow magician at his magic club. 

Eyes of a Child 
By Rachel Columbini

Magic and mystery.
Music and mirth.
Wizards and witches.
Heaven and Earth.

Fairy tales and folklore. 
Wishes and dreams. 
Each days an adventure or so childhood seems.

Then one day we grow up. 
The magic starts to fade. 
There's no time for storytelling. 
The sunshine turns to shade.

 Hold tight to the magic. 
Take it with you everyday. 
Then you'll never lose that feeling.
That your childhood is here to stay.

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