Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disappearing Act

Imagination is the true magic carpet.
-Norman Vincent Peale

Today is a day of great joy and great sorrow. Today is my daughter’s fourth birthday. It may also be the first day that I can no longer see my son as a child. 

I feel like my daughter did yesterday. We walked out of the grocery store and she suggested we let her balloon go. She asked me to tear off the little weight on the bottom. I handed it back and she set it free. Waving and watching with a big grin as it soared up into the clouds in a race to catch the jet passing by. After a few minutes the orange dot in the sky disappeared. And suddenly my daughter became distraught. She changed her mind. She wanted it back. She cried inconsolably all the way home. She cried until she couldn’t remember why she was crying.

That is how I feel about my 12-year old. I have watched him grow and than suddenly he is not a baby. He is not a toddler. He is not a boy. He is not all grown up. It’s worse. He thinks he is. Yesterday, as I was driving him to the doctor to remove his cast, he told me he lost a tooth at his dad’s. I asked what the tooth fairy brought him and he scoffed. Later that night, he informed me that he doesn’t believe in fairies or magic. Although, he thinks there may be a scientific explanation why some people like Muhammad Ali can levitate. He told me magic is just a thought in someone’s head. To which I responded, EXACTLY! There is nothing more powerful. How do I convince him that magic doesn’t have to mean believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny? Is it too late to help him recognize magic in the balancing act that puts the sun the perfect distance from the earth to allow life? Can't he see magic in our body’s ability to heal itself? He witnessed it just yesterday when he saw the x-ray of his broken arm. Just a month after his accident, it is as good as new. 

Maybe I will do a better job teaching my daughter while there is still time.....

Is there evidence of magic in your life?


  1. Tracey, Since I read your blog this morning, the song "This Magic Moment" a 1960's classic by the Drifters has been swirling in my head. Just like Cinderella at the ball when the magical glass slipper fits just right, I am an insufferable romantic and eternal optimist. Recently I had a magic moment when I reconnected with an old friend from St. Pete High School on classmates.com. In 1969 our choir recorded a Christmas album and I am singing the solo on Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire. My only copy of the album had been at my Dad's house. Unfortunately, when he died, his new wife would not give my sisters and I access to any of our things. Magically, my high school friend that I sang in choir with still has a copy of the album and is going to try to burn a CD for me. Is that cool, or what! Which reminds me of another favorite song from the sixties by the Lovin' Spoonful, "Do You Believe in Magic." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuiNtC4kURk
    I would love to hear others' stories of their magical moments. Yvonne

    1. I haven't heard those songs in years. Thanks for reminding me and sharing your story of connecting with an old friend . When you get the CD of your music, I hope you share it. I would love to hear you sing.

      There is magic in every breath we take.


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