Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Time Travel Tuesday- Like Riding a Bike

You discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

The last few times I attempted to hula hoop, it took a nose dive for the floor. Which was quite discouraging considering I seem to remember being able to outlast anybody on the planet when I was 8. It was time to call in a professional. Abby, the owner of Hoola Monsters, taught me a valuable trick. It is all about the weight. My daughter’s pink plastic job is just too small and light for an adult. Abby travels with hoops of all sizes that can have anyone jiving like Elvis in no time. I would have been satisfied keeping it from falling for an hour, but not Abby. She was dancing, throwing it under legs, behind backs and switching hands seemlessly with the skill of a baton twirler, the grace of a ballet dancer and speed of a figure skater. Supposedly you can burn 400 plus calories an hour. More importantly, it is great nostalgic fun. I enjoyed moving. Trying to keep up with Abby kept me completely immersed in the moment.
A few useless facts: The current record for endurance hooping is 90 hours. The most hoops twirled simultaneously is 132. I would like to see the YouTube link on that! I never found it, but I did find this cool video where someone attached a camera to the hoop while they spun. Hula Hoop Cam 

If our family ever commits to a mission trip, I think I found my cause. They call it  World Hoop Day Volunteer ambassadors have given away more than 10,000 hoops over the past four years to recovering drug addicts in American inner cities to tribal children in Uganda to entire communities struggling to rebuild in war torn regions. WHD ambassadors believe through hooping, there is a shared human experience and that happiness can spin off into World Peace. You can volunteer anytime. But if you want to host an event in your local community, the next World Hoop Day is December 12th, 2012.

I am particularly fascinated by my instructor, who is on a personal mission to help inspire people suffering from depression. When she is not teaching, she is performing at festivals, training new hoop instructors and custom making hoops for clients. Hula Hooping as a career? How would that look on a business card? I love it!

My question for the day is: What does a hula hoop remind you of?

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