Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Month of Living Optimistically

It was a little magical how you can follow them for several seconds, but if you happen to blink, they are just gone. Kind of like childhood.....

July will focus on childlike awareness. So it seemed only appropriate to take a moment to be aware of the lessons learned over the last month while focusing on childlike optimism. I particularly enjoyed my time travels (activities meant to either make me feel youthful or remind me of my youth). June's list included: 

 Time Travels
*getting a library card.
*seeing a midnight movie sneak preview at the drive-in.
*seeking something new, finding something completely different and new.
*making a new friend that I have nothing in common with.
*taking a detour.
*smashing watermelons.
*playing in the rain.
*puddle jumping
*jumping on hotel beds with abandon
*letting balloons go just because
*taking a train ride

Lessons Learned

June 1 Unclogged It is important to get in touch with your inner emotions. Through hypnotherapy, I discovered I was carrying excess guilt.

June 3 Great Expectations My daughter's only expectation when she wakes up is that she is going to enjoy today. I want to wake up feeling like my daughter.

June 6th Identical Twins Guilt is a useless emotion unless it motivates you to change. In which case, it is no longer called guilt. It is called repentance or restitution. My guilt stemmed from wasting time off track from my life purpose and not enjoying the present.

June 7th Pen Pals Defining friendships places limiting expectations on you and your friends.

June 7th Just a Minute- Patience is a virtue that is learned through practice. Impatience is a vice that is learned through unmet needs. Tips for raising patient children can be applied the same way to impatient adults.

June 8th In Search of Beez Never question the power of intention. As soon as I resolved to stop defining friendship, I let go of expectations. My arms were wide open and my hands were finally free to catch wonder, enchantment and joy as it flew right to me.

June 8th Your Not the Boss of Me  Playing like a child is a lot more fun as an adult. Adults have choices. I remembered how much I once looked forward to the freedoms of adulthood. 

June 9th Playing Tourist in Your Own Backyard We should never stop looking for  inspiration. Different influences may point you in new directions, but you can still be on the right course.

June 10th- Moonshine Wishes and Champagne Dreams It is easy to spot others drowning in their own unrealistic expectations. Look at yourself as if you were looking at your friends, with compassion and objectivity.

June 12th The Great Escape It all works together. Impatience and attachments leads to pessimism. Patience and Detached expectations lead to optimism. Optimism leads to boldness and adaptability which leads to liberation.

June 13th I'm a Good Forgetter All memory is selective memory. If you put your time machine in reverse, return to destinations of pleasure and learning. 

June 13th Things Desired If we stay true to our purpose we will have a profound impact on the world. 

June 14th- Ending Unplanned Inspiration can come from friends and songs.

June 15th It Should Be An Olympic Sport It feels good to do things just because.

June 17th A Riddle Things in life can be good and bad at the same time.

June 18th Let You in on a Secret Everyone has an inner voice that tells you when you are off  your path. That voice can be heard in frustration, guilt, despair and anger.

June 20th Someday Today was once my someday. I need to cherish it.

June 20th My Constant Companion Although easily overlooked, your purpose is something that you feel passionate about.

June 21st Someone's Knocking Our life is an endless cycle of chapters and transitions. We should look at each new chapter as an opportunity to write our own ending.

June 26th Spice My daughter is my inspiration and I want to be an inspiration to her.

June 26th Time Travel Sometimes doing things that we did in our youth makes us feel old. 

June 28th A Memorable Day I read Charles Dicken's Great Expectations and concluded that every day we make choices that will affect us for the rest of our lives. If we make choices based on values rather than expectations, we will end up in the right place. 

June 29 You Are My Sunshine "The Happiness Project"  by Gretchen Rubin taught me that: "The best way to make your self happy is to make others happy. The best way to make others happy is to make yourself happy." One easy way to do this is to sing in the morning.

June 29th Where Did You Get Those Rose Colored Glasses Comparing research from Martin Seligman's "Learned Optimism" and Tali Sharot's "The Optimism Bias", I found that we are probably born optimists, but if you don't use it, you lose it. I am currently testing Seligman's theory that lost optimism can be found.

June 30th Heaven is for Optimists Whatever we perceive Heaven to be, it is the most optimistic thought imaginable. 

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