Friday, June 8, 2012

Your Not the Boss of Me

With great power comes great responsibility

This is my first official week into this blog. It feels good to follow through on a stated personal goal. The fog of pessimism is starting to lift. Writing is a great way of exploring your thoughts and emotions, because if you have to describe them to someone else, you have to really think about them. Yesterday I wrote about the adventure that started with a rain out and ended as a day that will likely never be forgotten. When listing off all of the childlike activities (smashing watermelons, puddle jumping) I could scratch off my list, it occurred to me that it is way more fun to do them as an adult. After all, I could drive myself to the farm, buy what I wanted at the produce stand and decide how long we stayed.
Today, I would like to think about all of the adult choices that I looked forward to making for myself when I was young.
Grocery shopping. Can we get this? Please, please its my favorite!
Cooking Will you make this? Please, please, its my favorite!
Driving  I remember freshmen year of high school just going in our drive way and sitting in the car to listen to the radio by myself and wishing that my birthday would hurry up so I could get my license and freedom. 
Buying a house For a girl who moved a dozen times before graduation, I love the neighborhood we live and don’t plan on leaving for a long, long time. So the next time the sprinkler breaks or we need something painted, shouldn’t I just marvel that I have something that belongs to me and we aren’t going anywhere unless we decide to?
Cleaning  Okay, it was called chores than and it it still is. But at least it is my house and my car that I am cleaning.
Getting Married Yes, I played house. Yes, I read the same fairy tales that always ended with happily ever after. This is it. Its up to me to treat it as such.
Working  I looked forward to being great at something. Period.
Freetime When I was really young, I couldn't wait to not have to ask permission before I went anywhere. As a teen, I could never figure out why my parents would come home from work only to eat dinner and go to bed. Not me, I thought. Actually, that is not me. Even with young children, we go out frequently and enjoy our friendships and all our city has to offer. 
Bedtime My son used to think that because I was awake when I put him to bed and awake when I got him up that adults stay up all night. I also looked forward to staying up as late as I wanted. Now, I am lucky if I can keep my eyes open long enough for the Daily Show. 
Family vacations- I get to pick where we go. That is thrilling.
I leave you with this question for the day. What were some of the things you looked forward to doing when you were growing up?

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