Wednesday, June 20, 2012


And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
-Max Ehrmann, Poet

Today while searching for a parking spot at the airport, my 12-year old son said “I will look on the right, you look on the left.” It reminded me of a drive home from daycare when he was three. He was on a kick that he wanted a brother or sister. I explained that I needed to be married to have another baby. And before I could get married, I had to find a boyfriend. Always a solution-based thinker, my wise and practical little boy said, “Okay Mommy, you look out your side of the car and I will look outside mine.” 
A lot has happened since the drive on that dark four-lane road. Eventually, I found a boyfriend who turned into my beloved husband and the father of my son’s baby sister. This morning, the sound of him in the shower woke me up not only from my sleep but from my habitual thoughts. This is my everyday, but it was once my someday. For the briefest of moments, I remembered what it was like to wake up alone. I remembered how I once longed for a partner who would share my mornings. I remembered how much I wanted to grant my son’s wish for a sibling.
My life is nothing like I envisioned it nine years ago when my son first started the “search”, yet better than anything I could have imagined. Maybe it wasn’t the timeframe or path that I expected. Still things always have a way of working out exactly as they are supposed to, for the best. On the mornings I wake up believing that universal truth, my days are bright and easy. By the way, found a parking spot next to the elevator and a free cart for our luggage. 
My question for today is: Is there something about your today that was once your someday? If so, are you cherishing it?


  1. Today is being home sitting next to my love and enjoying the day..I use to think someday I would love to have peace/quiet time with my love and I AM cherishing it.....A.P.

  2. I love you A.P. and Bob too. Glad your happy:) You make me happy. Thanks for reading and your always thoughtful comments.


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