Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Someone's knocking

I believe that every single event in life that happens is an opportunity to choose love over fear.
-Oprah Winfrey

If the bluebird symbolizes happiness. What does the yellow bird represent? On this morning, we were staying in a rented cabin in Wisconsin. A persistent tapping at the door woke me. Outside the glass door was a little yellow tweetie-like bird. It was such an oddity that I woke up my son to confirm I wasn’t dreaming. The bird, which I think may be a yellow warbler, alternated between the front door and the back door for more than an hour. Maybe it doesn’t have to mean anything, but I am choosing to believe it means something good, opportunity maybe? Especially since it happened on what turned out to be such a strange day.
We flew there to celebrate my mom’s 65th birthday. We ended up helping her pack up the last few odds and ends as she said goodbye to her house. She downsized from a 9 thousand square foot home to a four hundred square foot travel bus. The idea was to simplify and see the country. If my mom does anything well, it is living in extremes. More than the lack of possessions and space, she has never not had a permenant address and she has never really lived alone. I asked her how she felt as we drove away for the last time. All she could do was choke out “I don’t know how to feel.” Up to that point she had been so busy with the sorting of sell, store, donate and directing a team of cleaners,inspectors, repairman and movers that she had not had a chance to think about where she is going.
A professional life coach sent me this quote yesterday by author Frederic Hudson, “As we go through life, we either find ourselves in a Life Chapter or a Life Transition. This cycle is repeated over and over throughout our lives.”
My friend who recently retired as a top administrator at a college has launched a second career for herself as a life coach. She recommended Hudson’s book, Mastering the Art of Self Renewal. I plan on reading it and maybe sending it to my mom. Hudson has been called “Dr. Midlife” and “The Dr Spock of the Adult Years.”  He and his wife also co-authored Lifelaunch- A Passionate Guide to the Rest of Your Life.
His website, Hudson Institute, claims he was the original “Life Coach” and has dedicated his impressive career to studying how people get off-track from their inner purpose and how to get back on track.

The left overs in my mom's house ranged from cleaning supplies to framed art to a bread machine that dates back to my college days. Also found collecting dust in the garage was a mint condition1930's typewriter in it's own carrying case. My mom mentioned  that it belonged to my grandmother who loved to write. I spent the biggest chapter of my life so far as a professional writer and I never knew this typewriter existed much less that my grandmother had dreams beyond being a rural housewife.

Yes, think that book is a must read.

I leave you with this question for today: Are you currently in a life chapter or a life transition?

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